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If you're looking for boat loads of fun or relaxation on the river, look no further… you've arrived! Take a look around at our tours and boats, our majestic river, and our FAQs for more information. Then, when you're ready, reserve your place on the river and let the anticipation build! Nature calls…


From quick dips to full adventures, our tours have you covered.

Quick Dip

2-Hour Outing

A quick dip in the river with the wildlife

Nice Jaunt

4-Hour Paddle

Commune with nature and ducks and bring a picnic

Long Run

All-Day Excursion

When a half day just isn't enough—swim with the otters



We have a boat for everyone under the sun. Going it alone? We have a perfect single kayak for you. Traveling in a pack? A couple 16' Mad River Canoes should do it for you. Somewhere in between? Our tandem kayaks are waiting. Discover your options today!


You'll be conquering part of the beautiful, 32-mile-long Gualala River, lined with old-growth redwoods and formidable rapids. The soft breeze and temperate climate lulls you into a state of deep relaxation while the pockets of surging rapids jolt you back to life on this wet winding wonder.


Over the years, we've been asked a ton of questions about all sorts of things. That's why we've decided to put together a list of the most helpful ones and their answers.

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