Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

  • Proper clothing can make your paddling adventure more enjoyable. Remember my oft-quoted adage… “There is no bad weather… just inadequate clothing”. Dress in layers for your own personal comfort. Keep in mind, if you didn’t bring it, you can’t wear it. You can always remove extra layers and place in our dry bags, (rubberized gear bags with sealed openings to keep your gear dry and also dandy for storing extra clothes, towels and personal items and are provided in medium and large sizes as part of your rental).
  • Wear synthetic fibers that wick water away from your skin and dry quickly. Even on a nice day, you don’t want to feel soggy, so cotton is not the best fabric choice.
  • A brimmed hat or sun-visor protects your head and face from the sun’s harmful UV rays… even on foggy days.
  • A bathing suit is a nice accessory. The Gualala is a clean river that warms up into the 70°s in summer and is great for swimming. Getting wet is part of the fun of paddling! Be aware, there are no “changing areas” on the river banks, so layering up from a swimsuit is a good plan.
  • Appropriate footwear is essential. NO BARE FEET PLEASE! The Gualala has a coarse gravel bottom which can be uncomfortable walking with bare feet. Protect your feet with river sandals or aqua sox, old sneakers or even flip-flops. Some paddlers wear fleece or wool socks or neoprene booties for extra warmth.
  • Sunscreen with a high SPF is recommended. Remember, UV rays are just as severe reflecting up from the water, on clear and even overcast days.
  • Sunglasses will also protect against sun. Don’t forget a retaining strap; especially if they are prescription or expensive designer models!
  • A beach towel or blanket provides a more comfortable surface for the river’s gravel bars.
  • Keep a bottle of water handy while paddling to avoid getting dehydrated. Choose plastic or metal only please. Avoid bringing glass containers on the river!
  • Bring snacks to keep your energy up. Paddling is exercise!
  • A picnic lunch. Our canoes can hold hard-sided coolers, and our kayaks can hold soft-sided coolers and dry bags that we provide. You can pull over anywhere along the river or on the gravel bars to relax and picnic. 
  • Sorry, open fires are not allowed anywhere on the riverbanks or the Gualala beach sandbar. 
  • Please pack out your garbage. We’re happy to provide you with garbage sacks, just ask! If some of your trash got placed in a dry bag, no worries! Put the trash in the receptacle at the launch site and please advise us if the dry bag needs to be cleaned, okay?
  • We welcome digital photos from customers and may feature them on our website.
  • Bring a sense of fun and adventure!
We recommend that you call if you have a dog because we have special boats that accommodate dogs of different sizes. We charge $10 extra per dog.

Our Policies

We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy that says customers must call Adventure Rents and cancel within 48-hours to receive a full refund. if you do not cancel or rebook within 24 hours our policy is to retain 20% of the rental fee. All bookings are final. Adventure Rents must qualify all bookings in the spring time by telephone due to weather conditions which is why we ask that you call us for booking approval before you book.

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