Wildflowers on the river

The Gualala River & The Wildflowers

There is a multitude of wild flowers tucked into our world. Keep your eyes open as you glide past the bank and you will find a kaleidoscope of color. Azalea to viola, trillium to cyclamen, wild rose to aster, and who knows what else. Even the experts admit defeat in trying to name all of the wild flowers that they find here. There are pigmy orchids in the forest and colorful succulents in the rocks that jut out into the ocean. We are not experts but we enjoy them all and constantly marvel at their beauty. Stop for a minute, nudge the nose of your kayak up close to the bank of the river and take a good look. Look carefully on his left rear haunch and you will see that this busy little fellow has already collected a saddlebag full of yellow pollen. We're not sure what they will say back at the hive if he gets the yellow all mixed up with fuchsia, but from the expression on his face, our guess is that he knows what he is about.

“Earth laughs in flowers.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson