Seasonal Weather Patterns

Our Weather Patterns

Here at Adventure Rents, we call the types of weather on the coast Weather Patterns A, B, C, and D.

Sunny and windy…on the coast that is, and usually the beaches. Most always, there is little wind in the protected river canyon (inland up to three miles) and on the ridges above the river and village. Paddling in the estuary is usually not desirable because of the headwind.

Actually a pair of distinct but related patterns:

Pattern B1 – Foggy, with high overcast…you won’t find sun even inland, but it is usually not windy and can even be muggy. Good time to paddle the estuary down to where the mouth would be, but of course is closed.

Pattern B2 – Damp, misty fog right down to the ground. While rare in the “Banana Belt” of Gualala and Anchor Bay, it occurs more often in Point Arena, Elk, and points north, or Sea Ranch and points south. It may be sunny and warm a ways inland…on the ridges or up the Gualala River, and if it “burns off” it does so from the inland areas first.

Sunny and warm, without wind! Rare, but fabulous when it comes. Both residents and visitors rush like lemmings to the sea and/or the river as inland areas are HOT! Pattern C only lasts for a few days before the marine layer on the Pacific Ocean acts like an enormous air conditioner and once again blankets the coast, cooling the interior valleys.

Rain, or pervasive drizzle, not just on the coast. Luckily for visitors, summer storms are extremely rare, but can happen. If we feel it is too inclement and choose to remain closed for the day, any party who paid in advance can opt for a refund or rebook their date/time.

General Seasonal Weather

Meant to help guide those in the throes of vacation and event planning.

Unpredictable… can be rainy, windy or gorgeous. Everywhere is new growth…green that almost hurts your eyes! Adventure Rents may or may not be operating. Much depends on the weather and river conditions. If the mouth is open, we do not rent to other than boaters experienced in paddling moving water, and no kids and dogs.

Weather can be any letter of our patterns. About the only thing that you can count on is that rain is very rare, albeit there may be wet fog on occasion. This is Adventure Rents prime season, operating Thursday through Monday. We’re closed Tuesday and Wednesday unless by special arrangement.

Generally, the best weather on the coast, but every year has some surprises. We often get a marvelous “Indian Summer” before the weather turns chill. Fall paddlers may have low water, or experience the “fall refill”. It is also when we sell off used boats at great deals. We’re open only by advance reservation after Labor Day weekend though the return to Pacific Standard Time.

Our exciting, coastal storm season, punctuated with glorious, crystal clear days between storms when the horizon is like a knife-edge. Best time for the elusive “green flash” phenomenon. We even get a dusting of snow on rare occasions on the higher elevations and hamlets like Annapolis. In our more than three decades here, snow made it to the ocean and stayed for at least a day on only a handful of occasions. Adventure Rents does not operate in winter, and the gate at Mill Bend remains closed for the season.

“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.”
Mark Twain